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After winning the HackaMENA hackathon back in April, 2015, I and my co-winners Khodor Ammar and Ulugbeck Makhmudov made it to Italy, for the Milan EXPO2015, which was the grand prize. We had created HeartPing, an app that rapidly alerts doctors and medical professionals about patients experiencing cardiac problems. The interesting part is that the team had never met before for any tech venture except on the HackaMENA hackathon but managed to create the winning app. Our start-up includes a button on the mobile tool identifying the location of a patient and easily ‘pings’ the medical professional closest for rapid response through SMS technology. To know more about HearPing watch video:

Expo Innovation Challenge

The Milan World Expo’s Expo Innovation Challenge happened between October 9 and 10 under the sponsorship of the Dubai Airport Free Zone. We had a wonderful time showcasing our winning solution to a major medical problem globally. For those who were not in Milan or unable to access these critical survival tips in a hackathon and intend to join one in the future, I have prepared critical key points that will be highly rewarding. Read the Key Points to Win a Hackathon.

Beyond glory as the HackaMENA hackathon winner, I had the fabulous opportunity to join in another hackathon ExpoInnovationChallenge for 72 hours. The theme was “Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life” with over 100 participants engaged in massive coding, design and pitching rapidly created solutions. Talk of pizzas and coffees melting into the most impressive apps and start-ups offering real world solutions. If anyone told you before the hackathon that pizzas and apps cannot save the planet you would have agreed. I joined the team “Share My Food”. It’s basically a way of saving massive wastage of food that takes place globally yet in the same place there are people starving or going without critical meals. Through the quick yet un-obstructive platform, people are able to share easily their leftovers or take the bar a notch higher by ordering new meals at specific restaurants for those really in need.

Share My Food

This time I was assigned task to choose framework for mobile development and build screens. Since I’ve worked on ionic framework in the past we choose ionic for the app. The app was very simple with two options on home page “Share” and “Claim”


Code is open source @ bitbucker


Share screen allows you to share food either as an individual or as a restaurant with addition to manage food food inventory.


Claim screen have a map by default center to you current position along with pointers on near by available food locations.

ShareMyFood App

Unfortunetly this time I couldn’t make it in winners list, but overall a 6 days tour including visit to most iconic places of prague and milan and participating in 72 hours hackthon is a life time experience.